Most Americans believe that Huy Fong Sriracha, the ubiquitous hot sauce found in every Southeast Asian restaurant in the States, is Thai or Vietnamese. It’s actually not. It’s a product from California, albeit developed by a Vietnamese man.

The mysterious sauce with the Asian writing and the rooster on the label that you could never get in Thailand has finally arrived on Thai shores.

As of last month,you can buy it on Lazada and, according to reports, it should be available soon at Gourmet Market and Tops Supermarket.

Even though the sauce is named after the Sri Racha district of Thailand, it’s often served in the U.S. with Asian cuisine ranging from Vietnamese pho to Japanese sushi. It’s not even made of Asian chilis, it’s crafted from Californian red jalapenos. But Americans can’t get enough of the stuff, and when they come to Thailand, they search out this sauce, thinking they are living in its birthplace.

A complaint often heard from these expats about the chili sauces available in Thailand is that they are all too sweet for their taste. If you haven’t yet had Huy Fong, it’s very spicy, without a hint of sweetness and with the consistency of runny ketchup.

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